Orphaned/Abandoned Mine Site Rehabilitation

Tipo de proyecto: Mine site rehabilitation and closure

Fecha de termino: 2017

About This Project

This project consisted developing mine site reclamation and closure strategies, plans, and implementation schedules based on a risk-informed approach. The Province of Manitoba worked together with consultants, contractors, First Nations, and communities to collaboratively and successfully implement solutions that addressed key risks at the sites. Lynn Lake, Sherridon, Snow Lake, and God’s Lake mine sites were prioritized for implementation of rehabilitation based on a comprehensive risk profile evaluation. Mitigation measures included detailed site investigations, demolition of historic structures, tailings management and inspections, earthworks for stabilization and tailings relocation, design and construction of water treatment plants, installation of tailings and waste rock covers, and implementation of monitoring instrumentation. The overall budgets for closure and rehabilitation exceeded CAD $200M.

Manitoba mine rehab history

NOAMI Performance Report 2009-2015

Farley Headframe Demolition Project | Rakowski Cartage & Wrecking

Manitoba mine rehabilitation

Lynn Lake Headframe Demolition before work began and just before the blast. 

Loadout and Mill Site before and after demolition and beginning of the reclamation.

Tailings covers preparation, installation and earthworks.

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